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Hydro Flask: Mastering the Amazon Marketplace

Hydro Flask established consistent multi-channel pricing, delivered a first-class customer experience, and considerably increased sales on Amazon by partnering with Tall Ridge.

Executive Summary

Before Tall Ridge took over as the exclusive seller on Amazon, Hydro Flask already had an established Amazon program. Like most brands, Hydro Flask knew that they needed to be on Amazon, however, rogue sellers, price erosion, MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) violations, and lack of brand control on product pages were causing their authorized retailers and consumers to lose faith in their brand. The brand’s Amazon sales volume came at the expense of Hydro Flask’s profitability and brand integrity. Partnering with Tall Ridge as their Amazon retailer allowed Hydro Flask to take back control and master the Amazon marketplace resulting in:

  • Significant Amazon Sales Growth
  • Stable Pricing Providing a Hefty Profit Margin
  • MAP Policy Compliance
  • Removal of Rogue & Unauthorized Sellers
  • Properly Branded Product Pages & Content
  • Optimized Advertising ROI
  • Happy Brick & Mortar (B&M) Retailers



Hydro Flask was keenly aware that their Amazon sales growth was coming at the expense of their brand and their integrity as a valued partner to their important B&M retailers.  As sales grew, profit and trust in their brand decreased. The impact was taking its toll on the brand.

The Amazon consumer buying experience was also being negatively impacted. Product listing content from multiple sellers included grammatical errors, false claims and pixelated images, driving down consumer confidence and conversion rates. Additionally, since these titles and product descriptions were not SEO focused, Hydro Flask was having difficulty making gains on the competition in terms of Amazon search ranking.

Burdened with “race-to-the-bottom” pricing due to unauthorized and rogue sellers, product pages that didn’t support their global branding strategy, and retailers threatening to discontinue carrying their products in their stores, Hydro Flask had to make a significant change to their Amazon strategy.

Hydro Flask had to find a way to drive continued revenue growth on Amazon while regaining control over their brand and pricing integrity, and it had to happen quickly.


Hydro Flask + Tall Ridge = Mastering the Amazon Marketplace

Hydro Flask chose to partner with Tall Ridge as their exclusive Amazon marketplace retailer due to our Amazon expertise and brand-first approach. The Tall Ridge team created a customized success plan and committed to working with Hydro Flask to:

  • Cleanup the Amazon Landscape by Removing Unauthorized Sellers
  • Optimize the Hydro Flask Product Data Feed
  • Produce Brand-Optimized Product Listings to Drive Ranking & Conversion
  • Strictly Adhere to the Hydro Flask MAP Policy
  • Invest in Advertising to Support the Brand & Maximize ROI
  • Systematically Increase Positive Ratings & Reviews
  • Deliver Best-in-Class Customer Support
  • Provide Hydro Flask with Custom Reporting & Insights
  • Improve Profit Margins
  • Protect Brick & Mortar Retailers
  • Increase Sales on Amazon!

Our strategic partnership resulted in:

  • #1 Ranked Water Bottle on Amazon
  • 81% Increase in Amazon Sales
  • 97% Reduction in MAP Violations
  • 99% Reduction in the Number of  Unauthorized Sellers
  • 35% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 41% Improvement in Ad Spend ROI


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“Since Tall Ridge took over management of our Amazon program, we’ve been able to regain control of our brand content, stabilize prices and significantly grow sales! Keep up the great work!”
Mike WallenfelsVP of Sales, Hydro Flask